What About Me?

The author of this blog is a girl..

..with short hazel hair..

..boyish kind of act..

..with un-photogenic face..

..full with words..

..and strangely in love with any pair of  sparkling brown eyes.

Currently is utterly depressed and insecured and hating herself so so bad.


What’s Special in Life?

Number 9,


Lovely faces to be drawn,


And all the love that surrounds us ~


What’s Wanted for Life?

A Wacom Cintiq,

A 3DS,

A Walking Dead: Frontier game (hahah)

You. Yes, you. Someone out there whom I never met for 18 years of my life.


What’s Food for The Soul?

Jason Thomas Mraz,

Brendon Boyd Urie,

lo-fi music,

rock music,

every music in the world except un-understandable-screamo heavy metal, EDM, and all DJ stuffs. Because they’re shit. (no offense. I’m just being really honest here.),

and cheese.




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